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agree or disagree?

Thesis: Many people don't "get" poetry, especially the kind that plays with subtle slippages of meaning, because their own use of language is so messy that they don't see the precision and multivalence of poetry.

two things

1) Mr. Frog says that in North Carolina the summer I worked out every day, I looked BLOCKY. :O Or perhaps that emoticon should be :[]

2) I just glanced at an e-mail that begins: "TIAA-CREF staff will be on campus this week to counsel employees on their accounts." I misread the "counsel" as "console" at first. I was dismayed. Grief counseling for plummeting retirement accounts.


Please consider signing this petition urging the South Korean government to make adoptees an integral party in the revision of adoption laws:

Adoptee Right to Participate in Korean Adoption Law Revision Petition:
Dear Director Park Sook-ja:

We -- the undersigned Korean domestic and overseas adoptees, adoptive parents, birth parents, unwed and single mothers, and allied supporters -- strongly urge you to include overseas and domestic adoptees and their birth families (henceforth “invested parties”) as equal partners in the creation, development, discussion, and administration of South Korea's adoption law revisions.....

You can find out more about transnational Korean adoption via Jane Jeong Trenka's blog, TRACK (Truth and Reconciliation for the Adoption Community of Korea), and Harlow's Monkey (blog by social worker), for starters.


Stayed up too late on YouTube. :P

My new research project will be on CATS AND DOGS IN YOUTUBE COVER SONG VIDEOS.


three things

1) Yesterday, I saw standing next to my Catholic university's sign two Mormon missionaries in their standard white-shirt with tie and dark slacks. They appeared to be proselytizing (talking to another young man).

2) Mr. Giles got to go into the Wine Thief this afternoon and proceeded to spazz out with the guy who worked there. He got two treat snacks and a small rawhide chew stick (that he was too excited to chew so we left behind). If I had known the store was dog-friendly, I would've stopped in long before.

3) Squirrels are everywhere now that we have temperatures in the 60s and 70s.

dog says no

This morning, Mr. Giles and I walked through the convenience store parking lot. Usually when we do so, it means I'm going to tie him up outside and leave him to go inside the store for a few minutes. He does not like being tied up and left alone. Today, as soon as we entered the parking lot, he pulled back and gave me that look that says, "I am not going any farther!" At that moment, a man had just gotten out of his car to go into the store, and he saw Giles's expression and laughed.

i have arrived

In my email inbox today is a message saying that I have been approved for inclusion in the Who's Who in Canada publication.

morning exchange

At the cash register of the diner:

Waitress: (Looking at credit card with beagle photo on it.) Do you guys have a beagle?
Me: (Shows her a photo of Giles.) Beaglish.

We eat there often enough that she knows our regular order. It's also nice that her question acknowledged that we are "together."


1. I got a third unsolicited essay from one "Manisha Shekhar" who wishes me to publish it in my "prestigious journal." I seriously don't know if this is spam or from someone who believes I run such a journal! (After I replied to the first request, I immediately got the second submission.)

2. On Monday, Misters Frog and Giles ganged up on me and gave me a flurry of kisses. I giggled and screamed. It was like this:

funny pictures of dogs with captions
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3. Three more classes to teach until spring break! :D