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do as i say not as i do

So the vet says to me, "I want you to think about trying Giles on a hypoallergenic diet." She explained that it would involve strictly feeding Giles ONLY the prescribed food--no dog treats, no human food, absolutely nothing else--for eight weeks. I looked at her skeptically and told her that it is hard for us not to feed the Giles little bits of all kinds of food throughout the day. She acknowledged my concerns but persisted in explaining that she thinks it's the best course of action to try to deal with Giles's allergies without the periodic regimen of steroid pills, antibiotic pills, and antifungal/antibacterial ointment (he is now on all three of these meds).

As she is explaining all this to me, she keeps feeding Giles treats, and when she's giving him what is probably the tenth biscuit, she laughs at herself and says, "I see what you mean about the difficulty of keeping food away from him."


shadowy duck
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